Friday, October 18, 2013

Smoking Addiction


         I admit I'm a smoking addict. Certainly not proud of that. I want to stop but I can not. That's why both myself and the readers get a sample of this small write because writing. So understand damages of smoking then maybe I can quit.

         According to statistics from the World Health Organization 'smoking' is a worldwide problem, but one of the estimated three adults smokes. According to this statistic used by 1.2 billion people smoking emerges.

          People who smoke around them as they hurt themselves in the kişilerede damage. These are called passive smokers. All the tissues and organs of the body, loss of smoking are too many to mention.

  • Carbon monoxide found in tobacco, nicotine, tar and other harmful substances, especially lung cancer, respiratory diseases such as bronchitis, emphysema, and cause diseases. Smoking each cigarette you one step closer to cancer. Non-smokers lungs is impaired, and that's natural defense system increases the risk of infection. 
  • Carbon monoxide in cigarettes destroying oxygen in the blood vessels and as a result are stored in cholesterol increases the risk of heart attack. 
  • Yellow discoloration of the hands and fingers and nails are breaks in Smoking smokers. 
  • Smoking arm and leg veins causes a variety of diseases. In particular, the cutting of vessels of organs that can be treated, but due to congestion (Burger) disease occurs.  
  •  Smoking, skin and wrinkles leads to deterioration of the structure. In addition, smokers are much more difficult to heal wounds. Sometimes seen in postoperative wounds heal.   
                    Try to be more sensitive to this keeping in mind the known facts. Is a good example of the new generation, which has become a major problem by educating them protect this deadly habit. Quit smoking for a healthy lifestyle and a healthy future!                                                                                                                         

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